What are some Cool websites on Internet that you might not know about?

We are surrounded by the Internet from all way, there are infinite things available on the internet which can make your leisure time interesting, lift your mood.
 But we waste a lot of time scrolling those Facebook, Instagram stories. 

Because we don't find something cool to do other than that.

So here I am sharing some interesting stuff available on the Internet which will make you go crazy!

Top 15 Cool Websites on the Internet

1. Rich Kids of Instagram

Have you ever wondered about how the kids of rich people led their daily lives? Obviously, they live extravagantly and this Tumblr account is devoted entirely to them. Dive into their lives and see for yourself how these prodigal youngsters are squandering their parents’ money!

2. Solve the Riddle!

This is an amazingly interesting website, where you are expected to solve a Riddle, based on multiple levels. This Riddle only requires you to carefully observe the surroundings displayed on the screen and do the necessary to proceed further in solving the Riddle! Comprised of 81 levels, this is one great way to kill your time, so get your thinking cap on!

3. Madeon Adventure Machine

This is an amazingly beautiful and addictive music producing tool, which is a part of the 21-year-old Electronic Music producer from France. Madeon’s Adventure Machine is an amazing website to create beautiful Electronic Beat tracks with just a few clicks! 
4. Honest Slogans
Just as the title says it, this website is an amazing collection of hundreds of brands and their Slogans re-imagined. While brands make their own efforts of marketing with Slogans, this is a playful take on them.

5. Sneeze the Dragon

Feeling too bored? Why don’t you Sneeze the dragon? This is a beautiful website depicting the combined power of Javascript and Ruby on Rails through a little Dragon! Click as many times as you would to make the Dragon sneeze out Fire as hard as it could!

6. A soft Murmur

This website is absolutely amazing if you have enough disturbance around you. Just plug in your headphones and select the kind of ambient sounds you would prefer. Select the intensity too after selecting the sound among Rain, The Wind, Thunder, Birds and much more.

7. Experience Mount Everest

Scaling the heights of Mount Everest is just a dream for many of them. How about a virtual 3D Trip scaling over the entire heights of this beast? This website is a Virtual 3D Trek to the Summit of the Everest peak.

8. TIME’s Timelapse

Ever wondered how climate change and human evolution has changed the world over the past three decades? Well, TIME magazine and Google in collaboration built this amazing Timelapse of Columbia Glaciers, Amazon Forests, Dubai and Las Vegas; captured through three decades of Satellite Photography. We have come a long way, haven’t we?

9. Project Alexandria

Project Alexandria is the Pandora of Books. If you still don’t understand the reference, this website is basically a recommendation tool for book lovers. Enter the Book Title or your favorite author name to get up to five recommendations based on Books similar to it.

10. World CAM

This amazing website lets you find geo-tagged Instagram photos. Just enter the location of a place and it will load up with Instagram images taken near the mentioned address. These Instagram images would be the very recent ones taken at that location.

11. Is it Normal?

Humans always tend to get a bit skeptical when it comes to their matters because the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? This is a community that lets users ask questions anonymously and get a response from others to understand how they perceive things and situations.

12. Faces of Facebook

Are you feeling all ‘Me, Me’ while on Facebook? This website reminds users how tiny they all are when considered the big picture. The entire length of this website is loaded with all the 1.2 Billion+ users on Facebook and have a good time finding out your face in it! And as you may have guessed it, the #1 Facebook face is Mark Zuckerberg himself.

13. Lamebook

Couldn’t get the better of Facebook? This website curates everything funny on Facebook and brings out all of the embarrassing moments of people on the social network.

14. allows users to mix and match Videos with different other audio sources. Add the source URLs of Audio and Video to mash and mix them together using this web tool.

15. is a fun web and mobile based game that allows you to grow your bubble by controlling it through your cursor movements. Avoid getting engulfed by other users, while collecting some mass of your own self.

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