4 Best Apps for hacking Wi-Fi on iPhone devices

Wifi CrackAirCracking:
It is the simple command line with graphical interface software which is used to crack wifi networks. It sends packets to the wifi network and then cracks the password file of the network.It is used widely and can be downloaded from here.

It is an iPhone applications which let you crack wifi network in less than 30 minutes. It is easy in use and can be understood easily rather than Aircracking . It is a Graphical interface with the best utility and dictionary. Apart from Aircracking it uses a dictionary and so it is less trustworthy than Aircrack and can not crack every key. It is used more widely than Aircrack but it uses a dictionary that's why it is on the 2nd number. It can be downloaded from here.

WepGen is just another application which cracks the Wifi network by sending packets and it is rather easy in use than Aircrack but though it is on 3rd number due to its popularity. It can be downloaded from here.
It works on the same scene as other cracking softwares except iweplite means it sends packets and break in the security of a wifi network. It is easy in use and can easily be used by anyone. It can be download from here.
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