Pokemon GO Map : Find Gyms And PokeStops !


If you’ve not come across this new app, it is Google Maps-based, and its website regularly shows the locations of more than 2.3 million PokeStops and Gyms. Yes, I know this would make the game much easier to play and could be considered to be cheating!
Launched only on July 22, this app / service is currently free of charge, and you can use it inside your browser on your smartphone.
Using the service is easy, and it offers users the ability to comment and vote on every location. The service is seeing almost 5,000 new registered members sign up every day. Signing up for it is easy as you can do so with your Google account and then request a scan of your local area.
Have a look at POKEMON GO MAP

Working with Google Maps

As I mentioned earlier, PokemonGoMap uses Google Maps to layer its data over the top of a map. This is easy to see if you take a look at the image above. While viewing the map, you can click on a cube, which will then show you more information about the location. This will also allow you to make actions such as commenting and voting or marking the location as a gym or PokeStop. You can even ask for information to be removed if you think it has been added in error.
Could this be the perfect hack? If you don’t want to play the game as it should be played, then I’m sure it is, as this hack will allow you to sit at home and only go out and play Pokemon Go when you are sure where there is a PokeStop and gym! Will it take the fun away from the game? I think it may, but I suppose if everyone is using PokemonGoMap or something similar, who am I to complain?

Extracting Pokedata

This new wave of app development started when quite early on, one plucky developer noticed that there was a new opportunity. That developer learned how he / she could extract data from the game to create a map of the places where Pokemon spawned. Since then, we’ve been seeing new apps almost daily which take advantage of the readily available data coming from the app.
This is good for players as each of these new apps has been getting easier to use. However, these Spawn apps / maps will only let you know what type of Pokemon are spawning in your vicinity. So if you want something more detailed that will show you where PokeStops and gyms are, you’re looking for something completely different. I think I’ve found exactly what you’re looking for!
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