Pokemon Go Free Coins, PokeCoins, Unlimited Incense & Lucky Eggs

How to get Free PokeCoins

If you think in-app purchases are wrong or that PokeCoins are just too expensive, you can get them for absolutely nothing, but to do that you need to be highly skilled and brave enough to outsmart your opponents in Gym fighting.
In addition, to get Free PokeCoins, you need to be at least level five. You will also have to join a team and compete for them in Gyms, which is how you can win PokeCoins.
So here’s how to get started:
Step 1: Find a Gym and use your superiority to beat it or strengthen it by putting your own Pokemon into it.
Step 2: Depending on how many Pokemon you have in the Gym, you will be given a certain amount of PokeCoins.
Step 3: To get those Free PokeCoins, tap on the Pokeball, which is displayed at the bottom.
Step 4: Now tap the Shop menu.
Step 5: Next, tap the button in the top-right corner.
From now on, as long as you have a gym, you will be able to get free PokeCoins once every day (21 hours). However, you need to remember that if you don’t have a Gym, you won’t get free PokeCoins.
As for what you actually get per Pokemon, it is currently 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust for each Pokemon you have.

Incense and Lucky Eggs

And now let’s move on to how you can increase your ability to level up quicker and gain unlimited access to Lucky Eggs and Incense. One good thing about this tip is that it does not matter if you’re on Android or iOS; it works for both. One thing to remember about this tip is that it’s probably going to become popular, so much so that people everywhere will be using it in no time. So expect the competition in Pokemon GO to ramp up to levels not yet experienced by anyone!
Step 1: To start with, you’re going to have to use one of your cherished items, such as a Lucky Egg, to gain double XP for the next half an hour. If Incense is your weapon of choice, you should get the purple halo around your feet which will attract Pokemon to you. You can gain double XP by using both. However, this does require you to be a little adventurous.
Step 2: When you have finished using those items, leave Pokemon GO running but switch to the Settings app (both Android and iOS). Then find the date & time settings.
Step 3: Make sure that the option to set the time and date automatically is switched off.
Step 4: Now set the time back on your device by 30 minutes. Don’t set it back any further! This will give you more time to use and gain from using the Lucky Egg and Incense.
Step 5: Now go back to the Pokemon GO app, and you will see that the time left to use either or both the Lucky Egg and Incense has increased by the amount of time added in step 4.
And that’s it. You can now use both of the tips above to gain some advantages over your friends and family. Enjoy!
Do you have any information to add about the above tips? Please comment below and share with other players of this game.
Enjoy Playing Pokemon Go!

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