Turn Off Photo Tagging in Twitter on iPhone : See How ?

These days People find it hard to use Photo tagging on twitter in iPhone... So we are with simple easy way to How to  Turn offf Photo tagging in Twitter on iPhone.

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How To Prevent People From Tagging You In Twitter Photos

We are on the same way in love with our mobile phone camera .Clicking ourselves and others become our favorite hobby these days. What we do with these clicks is we update it on our social media and tag others.

Tagging, Being Tagged, Getting tagged … 
“Nothing new “but always different.
Social media sites provide privacy for us .But on the same time anyone can tag us on anything .Let it be a status or photo or whatever it may be. The situation is not so irritating when we are being tagged on by the one’s we know. But it will become so irritable when a stranger tags us. We really want to get ourselves untagged. It seems to be okay with us to do untagging one time . But some are so crazily addicted to photo tagging on social media sites and they tag us on every single photo they post .We don’t have time to bother to untag ourselves all time. So in this case we have to work on our privacy settings, to stay away from a stranger.

Today, In this section we are going to discuss about the Photo tagging case in Twitter. It is bit awkward and embarrassing for anybody whose picture is being tagged by an unknown stranger. Those kinds of strangers tagging our photos are needed to be strictly taken care off as these days online world is so curious to find a prey.

So to avoid that kind of situation we can turn off the photo tagging option in Twitter via our iPhone using some simple guidelines.

Here we go,

First know What is Photo Tagging Feature in Twitter

The photo tagging feature on Twitter gives you the freedom to tag anyone to your photo automatically, even to strangers’ .But freedom of you in popular social media site like Twitter is vested upon you. I mean the privacy is vested on your hands.

You are given with three options to make sure your privacy of photo tagging feature in Twitter:

b)Only people you follow
c) No one.

Every Twitter user will be given the freedom to choose from the three options to better your Twitter privacy experience. One can select it to make a key control of the photo tagging facility in Twitter.

Have a look on Each Option with detail

So let’s know in great detail how they give this ability to the Twitter user to control the photo tagging feature. The details are as follows:

a) Anyone:
If you selected this means, you are allowing anyone which include your followers as well as the followers & non followers of your page in the Twitter to tag your photo on your Twitter account.

  1. b) Only People You follow:
If you select this option then this gives space for only the people whoever is following you on Twitter world. Only they can tag you on their photos.

  1. c) No one:
Exactly what this does it will block everyone from tagging photos with you on Twitter. To say no one can tag you, if you choose this option.

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