Hack Wi-Fi Using Cydia : with iWepPro

There is a new app in Trend for Wi-fi hack on all iPhone, iPad, iPod devices.

Hack Wi-Fi using iWepPro 

Follow the Steps:

1. Open Cydia. Tap the Cydia icon on the home of the device to launch the program.
2. Add iWazowski repo. Once Cydia is open, navigate to the “Sources” tab. Once there, tap “Edit,” and “Add.” Once there, type the following URL into the “Add URL” box:
3. Search for iWepPro. Now, navigate to the search field and type “iWepPro” into the box.
4. Download the app. Once the app has been found, simply tap the “Install” button. Follow any on-screen prompts.

5. Download directories. If prompted, download any and all directories associated with the application.
6. Open iWepPro. When done, the device should return to the Home screen. Simply locate the iWepPro icon, tap it, and begin scanning nearby WiFi networks.
iWepPro can be used to connect to password protected WiFi networks. Once launched, the program will begin scanning all nearby networks and trying various passwords. If it finds the right one, it will display the information and users can connect.
Now use iWepPro to use Password protected Wi-fi Networks and enjoy.

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31 May 2016 at 09:11 delete

Thanks a bunch to the owner of the blog.
I've hacked more than 15 Wifi through this awesome app.

Love You owner :)