Reset Forgotten Passcode for iOS [How To]

It's the most frustrating thing if you have lost your iPhone’s passcode. You don’t need to worry as there is a way through which you can get your iPhone unlocked but there is a bad news that while doing this all your data will be wiped off.

It may be the thing that you have changed your passcode a lot of time and you have forgotten it and wanna get your iPhone unlocked you can do it while Resetting your iDevice Using iTunes but you must have a Backup Data. And using this backup data you can unlock your iDevice.

There are following three things which you have to go through to complete your process.

1. Backup all data.

2. Restore in DFU mode.

3. Restore from backup.

How to reset forgotten Passcode for iOS

1. Backup all data.

Before you proceed further make this thing sure that you have disabled Backup Encryption in iTunes.

Connect your iPhone with the PC using USB Cable. Now if the iTunes Open Up automatically well and good but if not Launch it Manually. Now on the iTunes Click on Devices on the Side Bar present in the Summary, there would be the list of your iDevices Select the one which you want and Click On Backup Now the Backup Process will be started and it might take several minutes to complete once it is complete Click On Restore Backup and Check that the Backup you have made now is present in the list of Backups or not you can check this by having a look on Date and Time of the last Backup.

2. Restore in DFU mode.

Now Once you have successfully made the Backup Data. You have to Put your iPhone in the DFU ( Device Firmware Upgrade ) Mode. To Set Your Device in DFU mode is an easy process if you don’t know i’ll tell you. Hold Down The Sleep/Power Button And Home Button Exactly For About 10 Seconds, After 10 Seconds Release Only The Power Button But Continue To Hold Down The Home Button Until A Message Appears On iTunes Informing You That Your iPhone In Recovery Mode Is Detected By iTunes. Once you do this iTunes will automatically update the firmware of your device. This will erase all the data present on your iPhone including the Passcode which you Forgot.

3. Restore from Backup.

Last things you have to do is to Restore your iPhone using the Backup Data you have made just before. firstly you have to Connect your iPhone to PC ( If you have not previously removed it your have to remove it and reconnect it again ) . Once iPhone connected to PC Open Up iTunes and connect it to iPhone , Now Select the requested Device from the Summary Tab and Restore Data. Make it sure you are restoring the iPhone using the latest Backup Data you have made just before. Once you have Click on Restore Backup the process will be started and it’ll take some time to complete have patience and wait. Once done now Your phone is successfully Restored and the Passcode which was creating a problem is just gone now you can enjoy using your iPhone.

If you got stuck somewhere during the process Please leave a comment below and we will be back to you soon.
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