iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Official Release Date - September 18, 2015

Rumor mills work over time when it comes to the launch dates of any of Apple’s products. Here, we are talking about iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are likely to be unveiled on September 18, but according to MIC Gadget, a Chinese blog claims that the brand will unveil the two most expected products of the year on September 11 – a week ahead of its official launch date.

The blog asserts that these dates are confirmed by “some insiders from Foxconn”. However, the sources failed to supply any information regarding the unveiling of a more affordable & a smaller iPhone 6c.

The rumor also says something about the specifications of Apple’s next-generation smartphones, and we have already supplied that information here.

As mentioned earlier, the phones will boast slightly thicker designs, Force Touch, new A9 processor, 2GB RAM and 12MP cameras with 4K video shooting capacity.

But hold on! You don’t need to get excited about the unveiling dates. Not everything shown should be taken as completely true.

If we dig the historical data, Apple has always unveiled its iPhones either on Tuesday or Wednesday. And September 11 is happened to be a Friday; it means that Apple will have to start pre-orders the same day of its keynote if it wants to give them one week to get their orders in.

Well, MIC Gadget enjoys a good reputation as far as Apple leaks are concerned, but this time things look quite vague because two questions baffle industry experts: 1) Does Apple supply chain know these dates? Does Apple need to give Foxconn a specific launch date for the next iPhone release?

All we can say that the Chinese blog would have considered these details in mind before coming to any conclusive (or inconclusive) statement.

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