iOS 9 Release Date and Features

The buzz has it that Apple has already begun testing iOS 9. If it is so as confirmed by Google Analytics, what will be the ultra-new features that might set the ball rolling like it has always done? Will it be miles ahead from the existing iOS 8 or just add some improvements here and there and hence won’t be in the never-seen-before incarnation?

Update [09-June-2015]: Apple has finally released much Awaited iOS 9.

If the surrounding rumors, speculations are taken into account, you will be in for a big surprise when the cheese finally comes out in the open! Along with a good many enhancements, the next generation iOS ecosystem might pack in plenty of iPhone owners’ wish-lists like better battery life, night mode, split-screen multitasking and more.

How about speculating possible release date and some of the features that iOS 9 might come loaded with?

iOS 9 Release Date

As per the past habit, Apple may introduce iOS 9 in June and launched it publicly in September along with the iPhone 6S/7. Though it’s been only four months since iOS 8 was publicly launched, it’s a little unbecoming to think of the next generation operating system as iOS 8.2 is still in beta. But again, that’s how it has always been. The Cupertino-based company has always been far ahead of any speculations or rumor mills.

iOS 9 Features

Button in App Switcher

App Switcher would be a lot better if there was a button in it. Instead of swiping all the running apps in order to close them, it would be really impressive if Apple allowed shutting them all with just a tap on the button.

Night Mode

It’s not that there is much difficulty in using iPhone during nights, it would be better off if it had night mode. The night mode feature will make using iPhones in low light areas very convenient. The Cupertino giant might think of bringing it to iOS.

Since night mode is already there in OS X Yosemite, it might have an easy entry into iOS.

Split-screen Multitasking

Split-screen multitasking had been rumored to arrive even with iOS 8. However, due to some certain reasons, it was not to be. Hence, you can expect it to come in the next generation.

Split-screen multitasking allows you to interact with two apps at once. It will take switching to a new level. No need to jump from one app to another using the age old process when you can view and interact with them so comfortably.

Ability to Change Default Apps/Delete or Hide Them

iOS comes with plenty of default apps which you can’t change, hide or completely delete. Even if you don’t like them one bit, you have to keep them on your device as you have no other alternative. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could treat them just like any other third party apps if they are not worth?

Another thing that must be checked out while releasing any new iOS that it must not consume a lot of space like 5 GB or 6 GB. That’s asking for too much! Supposing you have a 16 GB iPhone and you want to upgrade it to new iOS version, won’t you have to free up plenty of space? Who wants to be in such situation? No one.

Battery-Saving Technology

Battery life has always been the curse that iPhone/iPad owners have had to bear with. Ask any Apple users, what is their one of the most sought after wish list? Probably, the most common answer you would get is better battery life.

Despite being the most loved utility, iPhone/iPad has got the history of having deplorable battery. The latest flagship devices (iPhone 6/6 Plus) have tried to reverse the trend, it is still a long way away from coming anywhere close to satisfying users. Can’t the tech giant solve this perennial dilemma? What about expecting a battery-saving mode?

Home Screen Widgets

The integration of third party keyboards and the decision to let third-party apps add their widgets in Notification Center have been widely appreciated by users. Will we see some more breakthroughs of this nature? The one thing that instantly comes to mind is home screen widgets. In the upcoming iOS version we might see widgets in their more extensive roles.

More Social Media Integration

Lack of more social media integration in iOS makes users feel a bit disappointed. This is the age of WhatsApp, Instagram etc. But by excluding them from the social media integration, Apple doesn’t seem to win favor of more than 700 million WhatsApp users.

Imagine the rather roundabout process of sharing any app from App Store through WhatsApp, can’t it be solved with ease?

Improved Photos App

Despite being reinvigorated in iOS 8, Photos app still needs to come at par with the wish-list of todays’ generation who wants nothing less than the very best. It lacks plenty of features like selecting and deselecting all the photos with one touch, hiding them perfectly etc.

At present, there is no way you can safely hide a photo without the help of Cydia tweak. Your personal pictures and videos can easily be found out. Wouldn’t it be befitting if Apple sorts it out.

Ability to See Public Transport Direction in Apple Maps

Apple Maps app has packed in some incredible features like 3D tour, show traffic etc. But, it is still not as useful as Google map which helps users find out public transport direction. iOS users have been complaining for long that Maps app isn’t up to the mark in showing traffic.

Wish Maps app became more useful to end users in iOS 9.

FaceTime Group Calls and Video Messaging

I still believe FaceTime needs to be revamped sooner than later. Instead of allowing just two persons in group calls, it would be apt to extend it up to ten just like Microsoft’s Skype.

Another thing where FaceTime can pack a quality punch if it gets the ability to send video messages. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy to keep them on your iPhone/iPad as they eat into a lot of space. But again, it would be easily solved if there were options to save/delete them as per need.
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