Secret Codes For iPhone 5s , 5, 5c and Other iPhones

Heyy.. Are you a Apple iPhone user ? Do you Know the secrets of your phone ?

Here are some secrets codes of iPhone

How Does it HELP ?

It helps in easy accessing of your iPhone i.e; making your tasks very easy when you working on it like knowing your phone IMEI number, configuration of your iPhone, latest updates available for your phone, verifying status of your task and many more like this.Below in these article i mentioned some hidden Secret codes of your iPhone.

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Some More Important Secret Codes of iPhone
  • #06# - Find IMEI number of your iPhone.
  • #21# - Get Configuration of forwarding calls.
  • *#30# - It will let you know whether you enabled/ disabled the calling line presentation.
  • *#33# - It displays Multiple Configuration of your iPhone like call, sms, data, fax, sms and                    many more and also show whether enabled or not. 
  • *#61# - It will display number of Miss calls.
  • *#43# - Verifying the Status of call, data, sms, data sync, and many more in your iPhone.
  • *#62# - Verifies the number for forwarding calls in case of none of service is available.
  • *#67# - Check the numbers for forwarding calls if your iPhone is busy.
  • *#76# - By typing this number will give you information about your line presentation                          enabled or disabled status.
  • *225# – It show the accounts of prepaid bill balance.
  • *646# - Displays information regarding how much minutes are remained in your account                    and only valid for only Postpaid ones.
  • *3001#12345#* - It displays internal setting like Open the "Field Test" of the iPhone which                                 enables us to see iPhone services like GSM, Wireless, 3G.
  • *777# - Find account balance of prepaid iPhones
  • *3282# - You will get to know how much data is utilised
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