Solution- TWlauncher has stopped unexpectedly

[Solved] process has stopped unexpectedly

You are facing problem with your android mobile phone. You are getting an error message saying that “process” has stopped unexpectedly. Most of the time this problem comes in Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy ACE & Samsung Galaxy Tab. In   some case Sony Ericsson Android phone user also see a message “Sorry process” has stopped unexpectedly. Our tutorial can be apply for any android software phone of any brand including Samsung, Sony & etc.
You do need to afraid this is a small problem and can be solved without any technical knowledge. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone on which I saw “process has stopped unexpectedly”. After that i search internet and found so many article & YouTube video. Finally i got my answer and solved the problem easily. Like your computer our phone has Android software. Some times our computer will hang due to high memory usage, the same case is with Android software.

Solution for error message process has stopped unexpectedly

You had seen this error even you reboot your phone also. Every time you see this error on your screen that process has stopped unexpectedly. Even after pressing error window will show the same error “process has stopped unexpectedly” but with force close option.
Our solution is simple & easy. You hold the power button key of phone so that you can see the power off menu. You can see the Power off menu but can not able to click on it. Now after clicking on “force close” try to click on power off button. Some times error message “process has stopped unexpectedly” will take some time to re-appear & in meanwhile you can click on the power off. Phone will shout down wait for 10 second and restart the phone normally and you are done. You can see the below video for more help.
This will stop all the hang or not executed files and then your phone software start again normally. You can see the other solution if this not work for you.
Optional solution for error message “process has stopped unexpectedly”
We recommend you to please take proper back-up of your phone before proceeding with this option. Remove your phone Memory Card, Connect you phone to computer take-up of data & contacts.
1.) Switch off your Android phone after taking propoer back-up.
2.) Press and keep holding the Home Button ( middle ) and press the power button for at least 10 seconds.
3. )After 10 second release the power button and keep on holding  Home Button. Now Android System Recovery Mode will appear on your screen.
4.) Recovery Mode will give you 4 options to choose.
(a) reboot system now
(b) apply
(c) wipe data/factory reset
(d) wipe cache partition
5.) First try reboot system now and restart the phone normally. If still the problem exists, repeat the steps from 1 to 4 again and proceed to step 6.
6.)  Use the volume down ( – ) button to choose ” Wipe data / factory reset “ and press the menu button to confirm. In recovery mode touch screen will not work.
7.) When process completed, phone will reboot automatically. (It nothing happen, Choose “reboot system now”)
Hope this article will solve the problem of “process has stopped unexpectedly”.
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