iPad Pro 12.9 inch rumored features.

Apple’s much rumored larger iPad could come with a 2K display and eye-tracking technology

A few months back rumors started circulating that Apple is looking into iPads with larger display sizes. Since then there have been consistent reports about a 12.9 inch iPad that’s reportedly already being tested out at Foxconn. The company itself has made no mention as yet of a larger iPad which some believe will primarily be geared towards the education market. The latest rumor about this particular iPad claims that it will have a 2K 12.9 inch display apart from eye-tracking, a new and entirely different security feature than what’s currently offered by the iPhone 5S.
It is also claimed that Apple is looking into a 4K display for the iPad, though the company is rumored to release a 2K iPad first before moving on to 4K, which would presumably take at least one full year. There have been all sorts of rumors about a release date for the iPad Pro, the latest hints at either fall 2014 or spring 2015. It is believed that Apple will launch an iPad Pro, a successor to the iPad Air as well as a new Retina iPad mini this year, possibly altogether.
Surely rumors like these must be taken with a grain of salt. It is too soon to be sure that a 2K 12.9 inch iPad Pro is on the cards for 2014. So far nothing concrete about the tablet has leaked, no cases, housings or components have made their way online. Surely one must wait and see how this plays out.

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