Are Android Desktops Replacing Windows?

There is nothing new in Android as a PC operating system as it is an extremely old idea. Recently, Samsung has declared a dual-boot Windows 8.x/Android convertible tablet in June 2013. News are also coming that Intel and its partners are going to announce “PC Plus” devices that will run on Android applications on top of Windows 8.1 at CES.

But, Lenovo as well as HP has something very new and innovative for its customers as they are going to replace Windows PC entirely with Android desktop. HP also declared a new line of Android 4.3 powered enterprise PCs at CES, once a Microsoft support. The entire line of Android 4.3 powered enterprise PCs are coming in a plethora of formats.
  • HP 205 AiO: HP 205 All-in-one is another announced PC that runs on AMD processors and starts at $449. It is come to know that the display is 18.5 inches.
  • ProOne 400 AiO: When it comes to ProOne 400 AiO, it is all-in-one PC that has 19.5-inch display, which starts at $749. It is expected that the device will be obtainable from Feb 3 and it is tailored for video as well as audio conferencing. Running on the latest Intel Core processors, it is feature-rich PC. However, a 21.5-inch version will be obtainable from 31st March for $799.
  • HP Pro x2 410, which is a commercial notebook with a separable screen so that users can use it as laptop or tablet as well. This all new notebook obtainable for $899. The screen of this notebook is 11.6 inches and there is a full-size keyboard also.
  • Another great option is HP 200 MicroTower that uses Intel Pentium or Celeron Processors and it comes with beautiful design that has easy to port access. These are obtainable starting from $349.
We cannot say that it is just a single line of PC, but it is complete collection of business PCs. HP is in dead earnest as the company is looking at Android as a mainstream desktop operating system. Recently, HP also proposes that workers can also make use of Citrix Receiver for Windows application support so that they can deal with the Windows legacy software problem.
However, receiver is the remote desktop program that widely used to serve Linux, Windows and Unix applications for desktop operating systems. While Lenovo is one such company that is taking different slope. Being one of the most popular companies, Lenovo offering Lenovo N308, which is an AiO desktop for home users.
This new desktop comes powered by a Nivdia Tegra Quad processor. It is using Android 4.2 and has a 500 GB of storage, keyboard, an integrated battery with 3 hours of life, a Webcam, mouse and more. The best part of this desktop is that it has a 19.5-inch display. Lots of people are thinking that that the HP and Lenovo are betting that users will feel more secure with conventional desktop operating system model as compare to Linux and cloud-based Chrome OS.

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