Use Your Android Mobile in a Different Way with Autodroid

You can do this by using a app named Autodroid, which has a very awesome automation features.
You can create your own automation rules using this app. Here are some built-in automation rules that comes with this app.

  • Speak caller/message sender name, number or message while you are driving.
  • Tell me when a petrol pump is near to me in 100 meters.(when you are driving)(you can set notifications on Google map).
  • I am sleeping in a journey, tell me when a station will come (notifies you when you arrives to  a station).
  • Turn on Mobile Sync in every 15 minutes to check E-mails then to make it off. (battery issue)
  • Turn my mobile WiFi or data service on when I am in my home otherwise off.
  • Speak 'Charge me please' when battery is less than 20%.
  • Set my phone's brightness to 10% when it is evening.
  • Speak every message when my phone is docked to car.
  • It can be set to tell you the name , number when the person is calling you.
And similarly you can do more customization on the events according to you.
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