Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor round-up: release date, price and specs.

As the end of the year nears, we've already witnessed each and every major smartphone launch in 2013. We've seen the HTC One, the Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5s, the LG G2, the Xperia Z1... it's been an amazing year that has brought us tons of excitement courtesy of the latest mobile technologies. With that, and with the Holiday season fast approaching, it looks like it's time to start thinking about the wonders that 2014 is going to bring us. Well, if there's anything we feel certain about, that's the fact that Samsung is to release its new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S5, in just a few months. It is rumored that the South Korean giant is going to be among the first companies in 2014 to unleash a new top-shelf smartphone, and we can't wait to see what it's really going to look like! Well, exactly what it's going to offer, and will it have something to truly wow us with? That we don't know, but there is already a good number of rumors, leaks and indications, all of which can be used to paint an almost believable image of the Galaxy S5.

Samsung has some of the most controversial displays when it comes to mobile devices. Its AMOLED technology is loved by some, and despised by others. Anyway, in our opinion, there isn't any doubt that the Galaxy S5 will yet again feature an AMOLED screen. However, unofficial sources claim that this time around we may even see a bigger panel than the 5 inches of the GS4. Some claim it's going to be a 5.3" display, others don't provide exact numbers, but overall, chances for a bigger screen are good. What's even more interesting is that some seem to believe that the Galaxy S5's screen will have the mind-blowing resolution of 2560 x 1440! If this turns out true, it would result in the staggering pixel density of 560 ppi - imagine the level of clarity with such a display!

We've already come across a number of leaks dealing with the Galaxy S5's release date, as well as some of its technical characteristics, such as its supposed screen size, CPU, camera and more. Please, feel free to browse through the following slideshow gallery, where you'll learn more about what's going to be one of the most-discussed smartphones of 2014!

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