Google Search now includes data from installed apps.

Update to Google Search brings information from your installed apps

Google Search has been updated to include information from third party apps that you have installed on your phone. These apps will include an "open in app" button that will take you to the exact information you're searching for, right inside the app. In addition, searching for apps will bring up a list of relevant apps from the 

Google Play Store with a button that will quickly install the app for you.

Google is working with more developers to get their apps included. Right now, Google Search will work with a group of selected apps. The new features are, as Google says, "rolling out now" on the Google Search app or on the Chrome or Android browsers. As important as information is, adding more sources to Google Search can only make it better. And for developers, it gives them a chance to get their apps in front of Android users who already have displayed an interest in the subject matter pertaining to their app.
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