Blackmart Alpha - Get Paid Android Apps for Free


We often find many interesting and awesome apps on  the Android market or the Google Play and we just download it, play and have fun with it. But sometimes or most of the times we find that the app we like is a Paid app which makes us upset. But here is something interesting for you - the Blackmart Alpha which is also an app market but it will provide you with most of the Paid apps for free. To be frank its like a Black Market ;)
Download Link for Free Android App Blackmart Alpha Free Android App:-

                                                                           For direct .apk file - Click here

And the App is gonna look like this..

  • Main Key Features of the BlackMart Alpha are :
  •     Download thousands applications.
  •     Has a similar market look like appbrain, applanet and more.
  •     Easy to install on your device.
  •     Almost support all version Android OS.
  •     User Friendly Interface..
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