Apple iPhone 5s GOLD

Apple iPhone 5s Gold: Besides its alleged fingerprint sensor and slow-motion camera, the upcoming iPhone 5S from Apple won't look too different from its predecessor, the iPhone 5, when it sees its release date next month. But what the iPhone 5S may lack in substance could be made up in style, which is why Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 5S in a third color option besides black and white: Gold

“For some reason, Apple can’t seem to keep the gold iPhone 5S on shelves,” Kyle Russell reports for Business Insider.“As the first of the aluminum-and-glass smartphones out of Cupertino to deviate from the binary black/white options that have been available since the iPhone 4, the new gold option has gotten people really excited,” Russell reports. “Business Insider‘s Megan Rose Dickey got hold of one a few weeks back and couldn’t get over how beautiful it is.”
“Apple’s television ad for the gold iPhone made it look sexy and luxurious,” Russell reports. “Yet Apple, a company famous for its industry-leading supply chain, hasn’t been able to keep up with demand.”

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